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2019 GMC Sierra spied sporting just a thin wrapping

It looks much more sleek than the current model.

  • Image Credit: KGP Photography
A new Chevy Silverado is on the way, and along with that comes it's fraternal twin, the GMC Sierra. We've seen spy shots before, but, like the Silverado we saw a few days ago, this is our best look yet. Nearly all of the loose-fitting camouflage has been removed, giving us a decent view of the bodywork. A brief look shows that the Sierra and Silverado will have significant styling differences for this generation.

In the past, GMC trucks have been little more than rebadged Chevrolets. That's been changing in recent years, and the divide seems to be growing larger. The grille looks much larger than the Silverado's and there appears to be a small inlet right where the hood meets the front. From the side, we can see that the two trucks have different fenders and beds. The wheel wells on the GMC are squared off at the rear. Compare that to the round wells on the Chevy.

Out back, the design is far more similar. Both trucks appear to have rear-facing exhaust outlets. The taillights, too, look to have close to the same shape. A big bulge in the center of the tailgate likely hides a large GMC badge.

We still don't have a firm reveal date, but look for some further news this auto show season.

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