Grave Digger nails world-record nose wheelie at Monster Jam

Motorsports enthusiasts often talk about the somewhat nebulous man-and-machine skill of car control. Formula 1 drivers exhibit it at the limit of tire adhesion, rally drivers demonstrate it as they point their cars every direction but straight ahead, and drifters who kiss the wall with the bumpers of their cars have it in spades. And apparently, so does Grave Digger pilot Tyler Menninga.

At the recent Monster Jam event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Menninga eased off dirt mound, feathered the throttle and brake, and pointed his monster truck butt-end up toward the sky. We're impressed, especially by the delicate control of the throttle and the quick shifts between forward and reverse that must be required to pull off such a feat.

Check out the video above, which is 1 minute and 19 seconds long and almost entirely on two wheels. Oh, and try to act more impressed than the oddly quiet fans in the stands. Seriously, why so quiet?

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