The current world record-holder for the fastest standing mile in a street-legal car just broke his old record. Except it was unofficial. And there was some technical drama involved in the feat.

Johnny Böhmer once again took his 2,700-horsepower 2006 Ford GT to the Kennedy Space Center runway once used by the space shuttles to take aim at breaking 300 mph. Böhmer still holds the record for the fastest standing mile in a street car at 283.232 mph, set in 2012 and also driving the BADD GT.

On Friday, Böhmer managed to hit 292 mph — a feat that won't count as a new record, since no one from Guinness was on hand to certify it. Speaking with Jalopnik, Böhmer explained that he lost some boost pressure in sixth gear, then had to deal with a greater challenge when his parachute broke free on deployment. That left him with nothing to alleviate the burden on the car's brakes, which generated enough heat to crack the rear rotors.

"When I stopped I thought the car was on fire," Böhmer said.

Böhmer says he'll try again for 300 mph in December, when the Discovery Channel show "Fast N' Loud" will be on hand to film his exploits.

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