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Drive a road that's under water 21 hours a day | 'The List' #0258

You'd better be on time when you cross the Passage du Gois.

Very often, if you're planning on driving down a specific road and it ends up being under 10 feet of water once you arrive ... well, you'd be in pretty bad shape. However, Passage du Gois in France is a different story. Because of the gravitational pull of the moon, the iconic Passage du Gois is fully submerged for most of the day, only opening to allow drivers to pass for a short period. On this episode of " The List," our hosts Jessi and Patrick learn what they can about the road and try not to get swallowed by the tide as they check "Drive the Passage du Gois" off of their list.

The Passage du Gois is a 2½-mile causeway built on a sandbar. The road has been in use since the 1500s, and it's the longest submersible road in the world. Because of the tides, there are only about 3 hours a day where the road is even drivable, but that doesn't stop our hosts. In addition to how beautifully unique the road is, the experience also offers a look into a specific branch of French culture with dozens of clamdiggers exploring off the side of the road at low tide. It's a beautiful sight, and well worth the click on the episode above!

All in all, while the "underwater road" was amazing, we urge anyone traveling to drive this road to use caution. Our experience was great, but not without its close calls. For tourists who aren't familiar with just how quickly the situation can change, our best piece of advice is to pay attention to the locals for guidance and follow their lead, lest your car becomes completely ruined! If you liked the episode, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube page and like our Facebook page for more exclusive content from " The List"!

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