A carjacker in the Detroit area didn't get away with the car, but he did get a beating, and then he had to beat feet to get away, after a determined car owner got an assist from a bystander.

Surveillance video below shows the action. First, the car thief saunters up while the woman who owns the car is gassing up Thursday afternoon in Allen Park, Mich.

Ali Noureddine, a worker at gas station, said, "It looked like he was walking into the station. All of a sudden, he busts a right. I guess he seen the lady pumping gas and seized the opportunity — he jumped in the front seat."

The carjacker jumps in and starts to drive off — but the motorist jumps into the passenger side. She struggles with him for control of the car as he circles the pumps and tries to get past a gasoline tanker truck.

"They drove around, around here," Noureddine said. "You know, our fear was that it was going to hit the fuel truck. ... It would've been a disaster."

As the car passes the tanker, the truck driver intervenes, telling the woman to throw the car into park. That's when the carjacker gets out, then gets a smackdown before making his escape. Fortunately, police say the car's owner was not harmed and the carjacker was not armed.

A final piece of good advice from Noureddine, the station employee: "This could happen anywhere, no matter where you are. You should always lock your door, and I would recommend take the keys out the ignition, because you never know what could happen."

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