Volvo announced in July that it has spun off its Polestar high-performance division into a separate business entity, much like AMG or Audi Sport. Now, Polestar is set to unveil its first concept car Oct. 17 in Shanghai and is performing a strip tease of sorts on its Instagram feed. It has posted several jigsaw puzzle pieces, which, if you put them together as Car Magazine has, showcases something that looks an awful lot like the Volvo Concept Coupe from a few years back. That car was designed by Thomas Ingenlath, who just so happens to now be in charge of Polestar.

Whatever the Polestar Concept will look like, it will provide the first glimpse at what we can expect visually from the new all-electrified performance brand. Whether that means literally all-EVs or EVs and hybrids is still to be announced. One jigsaw piece that didn't make Car's rendering is what looks to be an exhaust opening (below), which would certainly indicate that hybrids are on the table.

Regardless of its power source, we're thrilled at the prospect of Volvo's design language being applied to a performance-oriented car. If a three-row family hauler like the XC90 looks that good, imagine a production version of the Concept Coupe. Should be a stunner.

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