If you loved the retro-themed Urban EV concept Honda brought to the Frankfurt show, get ready for its sporty sibling — the Sports EV Concept. The coupe will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, where Honda will also show the Urban EV, and it's a far sleeker affair than the retro EV hatch. If the Urban EV harked back to early Civics, could the Sports EV be a hint that Honda hasn't forgotten the Prelude and the S2000, and those who bought and loved them?

The near-minimalistic styling is a welcome departure from, say, the current Civic Type R's everything-at-the-same-time spoilerfest. Although Honda's teaser sketch doesn't reveal much more than sweeping, simple lines, the coupe promises to be a handsome thing, and in its press release Honda hints of an "unforgettable silhouette" and a friendly front fascia. Honda says it's based on the same platform as the Urban EV, which most likely means it's going to be a small thing, if not as positively diddly as the 1960s S600 coupé.

According to Honda, the Sports EV's aim is to combine EV performance with artificial intelligence. That's a step beyond Mazda's "Jinba Ittai" philosophy inherent to the Miata, which refers to the feel of the rider and his horse being one. Similarly, with the Sports EV Honda says it's all about a feel of unity with the car, accomplishing emotional attachment in owning it. Could AI tech make it a true automotive companion in the style of Knight Rider's KITT? One good thing is that the Urban EV is apparently going to make it to production by 2019, so the Sports EV could also be production feasible in some form.

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