Tesla Model 3 sedans are just now starting to filter their way into dealerships across America, and that means we're finally getting answers to some of the most pertinent questions we have about the vehicle. Chief among those questions are details about how the Model 3's massive LCD touchscreen works. Some of it looks great, some is questionable, and some features are completely absent ... at least for now.

One item sure to generate controversy is the complete lack of a radio. At present, the Tesla Model 3 has no FM radio (AM is completely unsupported), and no streaming of music through a phone or any other electronic device. The only way to play music in the Model 3, at least for now, is to use a third-party streaming service over the car's 4G internet connection. In the end, this won't be too big of an issue, as an over-the-air update is planned that will enable FM radio and bluetooth streaming, and it's thought to be coming very soon.

It's also interesting to see just how many critical functions the touchscreen is used to control. For instance, there are no manual air vent controls. Instead, a sub-menu has to be entered to change the direction and speed or air flow. The windshield wiper controls, too, can only be adjusted through the touchscreen. Everything from the climate controls to the audio volume is adjusted through this one large screen, though there are two buttons on the steering wheel that can be customized as the owner sees fit.

While the lack of buttons and gauges certainly makes for a clean-looking interior, we're not so sure it's the best option for usability. Watch the videos above and below, and feel free to let us know what you think.

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