We're getting close to the launch of "Need for Speed Payback" — Nov. 10 to be specific — and that means we're getting another preview via a fresh trailer. The video is a general overview of the location and race types the game will feature. However, a good eye also reveals a few new vehicles to the game series that should be lots of fun to play with.

The location of this "Need for Speed" is Fortune Valley, and it includes a wide array of scenery such as flat, dusty deserts, wooded mountains, and a neon-lit, casino-laden downtown. Throughout Fortune Valley you'll come across different racing clubs that prefer specific types of racing. The types touched on in the trailer include drag racing, off-road racing and, naturally, police chases. We get our best look yet at the drag racing, too, which will involve precision shifting, and likely plenty of wheelies.

The car list looks to be incredibly varied. We spotted three vehicles that were particularly interesting to us. The first is the Volvo 120 series Amazon, a sharp little coupe that looked like a scaled down Chrysler C-300 of the 1950s. It will likely be joined by everyone's favorite Swedish brick, the Volvo 240, which appeared in the 2015 "Need for Speed" as a coupe. Next up is the Buick Grand National or GNX. Though not particularly pretty, it had a fearsome reputation for its turbocharged V6. And finally, we spotted a four-door Land Rover Defender pickup, which should make for a fun off-road racer. See them all and more in the trailer above.

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