Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the car given to Henry Rogers was the 3 millionth Hyundai in America. It was actually the 3 millionth Elantra in America. The text has been updated to reflect the correct information.

Hyundai has just crossed a significant milestone in its history. Since the company's Elantra compact sedan was introduced to the American market back in 1991, the company has now sold the 3 millionth example here. The 3 millionth car is a normal Elantra sedan, a handsome, competent car that we don't find to be terribly exciting unless it's the Sport model with the turbo engine.

But we're certain the owners of this new Elantra are pretty excited regardless. See, Hyundai didn't exactly sell the 3 millionth American Elantra. It donated it to Henry Rogers, a paramedic field supervisor in Baytown, Texas, near Houston. His town was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, and he was out helping people for two days straight.

Unfortunately, while he was out helping the citizens of Baytown, his family's home was being swallowed up by water. Neighbors came by to rescue his wife, three adopted kids, and three dogs. Everyone came out all right, but the house and its contents were lost. So for Rogers' contribution to the town, and for everything his family lost, Hyundai saw fit to get them started on the right foot with a fresh car, and a fairly historic one no less.

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