Four years after going on sale in other global markets, the DTV Shredder — a motorized insolence described as "a combination of a tank, skateboard, and motocross bike" — has passed all the tests to become an American citizen. Formally introduced to the buying public during the weekend's AIM Expo in Columbus, Ohio, the DTV Shredder rumbles into U.S. dealers in October. Shredder-maker BPG Werks won't comment on U.S. pricing, but when the Shredder went on sale overseas in 2013, the rumored U.S. price was $5,000 to $5,500. Right now in the U.K., the Dual Tracked Vehicle sells for £4,500 minus the UK value-added tax — about $6,000 at current rates.

This new genus in powersports puts a 196-cc, one-cylinder, four-stroke, 14-horsepower engine between two rubber tank treads mounted to an aluminum and tubular steel frame. The rider stands over the engine on a skateboard-like deck with 15 degrees of lean, working the thumb throttle for speeds up to 25 miles per hour, leaning that deck and the jet-ski-like handlebars to turn with the help of two CVTs controlling tread speeds. Bolt on some hydraulic brakes, and the ready-to-ride package weighs 319 pounds and comes with claims of all-weather, all-terrain capability.

Translogic tested the Shredder when it launched and walked away smiling, impressed, and tired. Sometime between then and now, the top speed dropped from 30 mph, perhaps because of the EPA-certified model's addition of an electric carburetor, oil filter, pump, and cooler. Check out Translogic's review below.

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