BMW teases the i8 Roadster yet again on twisty mountain roads

Still no launch date, though.

The BMW i8 Roadster's development process has been excruciatingly long. The first concept came out in 2012, and even after a teaser in July, BMW still hasn't even hinted at a reveal date. Sadly, that hasn't changed with the latest teaser.

In this new video, a convoy of lightly camouflaged cars carve up winding roads. Only a vinyl wrap hides their lines, along with shaky shots and fast cuts. We can see that the cars do have their roofs stowed, and they definitely won't be mistaken for anything other than an i8. Interestingly, it appears there isn't a vent in the hood like there is on the coupe.

Though BMW hasn't given official information on when the car will make its debut, we have to assume it will be very soon. Not only have we had two official teaser videos of a car that's clearly just about production-ready, but the company reportedly will start production next year. We'll be awfully disappointed if the car isn't fully revealed within a few months.

BMW i8 Information

BMW i8

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