If you've spent any amount of time on the internet, you've probably seen one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos in which he performs incredible driving feats in a Subaru or Ford. He's released nine of the Gymkhana videos, and it seems it was time to change things up. For the first time, Block takes to the dirt for a Gymkhana-style video.

The new setting also comes with a new name "Terrakhana." In this newest video, Block takes his Ford Fiesta RX43 rally car out to Swing Arm City, an off-road park in Utah. It's a dry, desolate location with gorgeous rock formations. And Block promptly starts driving up and down them.

Yes, you will believe a Fiesta can defy gravity in this film. Block repeatedly launches the car over massive jumps. He also tears up near-vertical rock sides to drift around the crests. He also has to navigate enormous, rolling dust clouds kicked up by the car as he drives through the dirt. It certainly had to make the donut portion of the video difficult. There is a bit less of the inch-perfect car control Block has demonstrated in past Gymkhana videos in which he's slid between doorways and donut boxes, but the beautiful setting and camera work makes up for that. If you only have five minutes to spend watching a video today, spend them on this one.

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