A motorcyclist in California has posted video showing his pursuit of a hit-and-run driver who may well have been impaired, following the car for miles, on and off the freeway, dodging parts the car shed along the way.

A YouTube motovlogger who calls himself Dick Danger came upon an accident he caught on video in San Bernardino in which a Mercedes brakes late and rear-ends a pickup, then goes around it and rear-ends a Prius, which in turn rolls into the car in front of it. When the Mercedes then takes off, Mr. Danger decides to follow.

He trails the Benz on and off the freeway three times, into the parking lot of an animal hospital and through a gas station. Danger keeps authorities apprised as he follows along. The car weaves, indicating the driver may have been impaired, though we certainly don't know that.

The motorcyclist does sensibly keep his distance throughout and doesn't approach the driver when he eventually parks and gets out. A California Highway Patrol officer shows up soon after. Danger says the driver was arrested.

As the chase unfolds, the damaged Mercedes sheds a bumper at highway speed, along with other shards of bodywork along the way. and Danger barely avoids running over the bumper. Adding to the don't-try-this-at-home-kids overall quality of this pursuit: The driver runs at least two red lights — which, in turn, Danger takes it upon himself to run as well.

Add your comment below: What do you think? Was this a community service, foolhardy, placing other motorists at further risk from the Mercedes, an opportunity to get video views, or all of the above?

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