The new McLaren 570S Spider is a wonderful car, but it's far out of the price range for most enthusiasts. The car starts at $208,800 before any options. Still, there is an alternative. McLaren and U.S. toymaker Step2 have just announced a new version of the 570S Spider that's both far more affordable and far easier to park. Unfortunately, the audience for this car is still quite limited, though this time the barrier of entry isn't the price. Additionally, you're missing out on that sweet twin-turbo V8.

The 570S Step2 Push Sports Car is aimed at the entry-level car enthusiast. Very entry level. The small push cart looks like a slightly caricaturish version of the 570S Spider. The proportions are slightly off and the wheels are a little too big, like an oversized Hot Wheel. Still, it's mostly right and looks pretty damn cool, at least for a child. Under the center-mounted seat (think McLaren F1), you'll find a small storage bin and a few cupholders. Like the bigger 570S Spider, the 570S Step2 Push Sports Car ditches anti-roll bars. This car uses Step2's Whisper Wheels to give the car a quiet and smooth ride.

The car goes on sale this fall for $79.99. The car will initially launch in Ventura Orange, but more colors will be available down the line.

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