Audi's new driving school: Drive an R8 at Circuit of the Americas

Every car enthusiast's dream is to be able to drive fast, exotic cars on a famous racetrack, and Audi's new driving school offers exactly that. The Audi Driving Experience has set up shop at the Circuit of the Americas near Austin, Texas, which you may know as the home of the United States Grand Prix F1 race. The company offers four different programs of varying length, intensity, and cost, but they all feature some Audi's best vehicles including the RS3, TT RS, and the R8 V10 Plus.

Two of the programs are half-day, and they teach some of the basics of high-performance driving. The first is called the "Dynamic Experience." It covers things like emergency handling and braking, and it takes place in the exercise paddocks rather than on the actual track. It also only features the RS3 and TT RS. But it's also the most affordable at $595. The other half-day program is the "Track Initiation," and it takes place both in the aforementioned paddocks and on the full Circuit of the Americas course. It adds the R8 to the car roster. It also costs $400 more at $995.

The other two programs are longer. The "R8 Track Initiation" program is a full day of driving instruction and practice. It focuses on learning the course by taking it one section at a time, followed by driving the full course toward the end of the day. It features all three cars, and it costs a not-insignificant $2,195. The "R8 Pro Track Initiation" builds on the one-day program with a two-day course. In addition to more track time and more advanced instruction, the course will teach driving techniques such as the famous Scandinavian Flick for inducing oversteer. This program costs a pricey $4,995, and you have to have completed the regular R8 Track Initiation course.

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