Cars & Coffee events are a nice way to gather enthusiasts together to appreciate a common passion. Plus, sometimes you get to see rarities like the McLaren 720S. But any time you get motor vehicles together, whether it's at an event or just a routine commute, there's a potential for drama, and that's what appears to have happened at this Cars & Coffee gathering in Palm Beach. The video above shows the aftermath of a situation where a McLaren 720S hit a motorcycle after leaving the event.

The video shows a rider picking up the motorcycle to the side of the McLaren, while another biker walks around the car yelling, at one point telling another person filming to call the police. As the shot moves toward the front of the car, we see a second bike lying on its side in front of the McLaren, and the biker moves to the front of the car and continues yelling. The driver of the car, whose door is still open, pulls away from the scene and turns right through the intersection, while the biker yells, "I got your license plate!"

The video description, as well as a post on Reddit, tells a larger story. According to those accounts, the motorcyclists cut off the McLaren, blocking it in. The driver of the car stepped out to talk to them, but forgot to engage the parking brake. The car rolled into the bike in front of it. The bikers, the accounts say, responded by punching and kicking the McLaren, with one taking a swing at the driver, who then drove away to call the police from a safer location.

The person who posted the account on Reddit also says the bikers claimed the McLaren came close to hitting them as it left the event, which is how the incident began. Of course, we don't see what happens leading up to the beginning of the video, so we can't verify any of the accounts. It doesn't appear that anyone was hurt, but this doesn't look like fun for anyone involved.

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