If, in your summer break, you've been disconnected from Ford news, know that deliveries of the Ford GT have been delayed, the 2018 Mustang will have more horsepower, and there is some doubt about whether Ford will offer the 2018 Fiesta - and its lively ST version – in the United States. We sure hope the Fiesta ST sticks around (offering more smiles per dollar than just about anything on a Ford showroom), but it's here for the moment, and as a model-year closeout right now it's deeply discounted.

Naturally, deals can be had when an older generation of a model is being replaced with a new one. But added to that, with gas prices low and Americans clamoring for crossovers and pickups, not subcompacts, the Fiesta's future here is uncertain. The doubt was sown by a quote from the Fiesta program manager, and a conversation with a Ford spokesman offered no clarity. So for all those reasons, perhaps, the closeout mentality is fully underway.

A new Fiesta ST in Maryland was available with a $4,500 discount, providing a selling price of $18,664 plus necessary taxes, title and license fees. Ford's $750 customer cash is a part of that, as is $500 in 'Bonus Cash'. But we also assume you can dicker your way to further discounts, down into the $17s, and, well, who knows. The sales manager we spoke with assured us we could assume whatever we wanted.

You shouldn't assume, however, that deals on performance hatches will be around forever - in the case of this car, whether the model will be around forever, at least for Americans - and a new Fiesta ST with a drive-out of under $20,000 is tempting.

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