Ford might not offer Fiesta in US in 2018

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
There's evidence that Ford won't be offering its all-new 2018 Fiesta hatchback for sale in the United States, following domestic consumer preference trends toward trucks and SUVs and away from fuel-efficient small cars.

The website Carscoops reports that Fiesta program manager Robert Stiller told a Romanian automotive website that the new version of the hatchback might not make it to US showrooms.

"The previous model was a global Ford product, and with the new generation we are targeting only Europe, the Middle East and Africa," Stiller told the Romanian site 0-100, as translated by Carscoops. "In North America, especially in the US, China and Latin America, the demand for such cars is declining, and we are reacting accordingly."

Ford sold fewer than 50,000 Fiestas in the U.S last year, down from 70,000 in recent years, Carscoops reports. The current Fiesta was introduced to Americans nearly a decade ago when gas was expensive and many shoppers were looking to downsize. Its sales have plummeted along with the price of fuel. The Fiesta remains popular in other global markets and is one of Ford's older nameplates.

General Motors, which like other automakers is struggling with growing inventories of unsold small and midsized sedans, is reportedly also considering ending production of six passenger cars in the US after 2020, according to a Reuters report last week citing unnamed sources. Included in the speculation were the Chevrolet Volt hybrid and the Chevy Impala, both made at GM's Hamtramck assembly plant in Detroit.

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