Orange Fury: A Ford Mustang product promotion we bit on

Plus, one small bit of actual news.

Automakers are always coming up with gimmicks to tease their upcoming products. We don't always take note, but when the gimmick involves edibles, especially dessert, especially ice cream in July, we make an exception. Plus, everyone knows orange is the best Mustang color, and we feel we have to reward the person in Ford PR who wrote the news-release headline "Orange Is the New Snack."

To promote Orange Fury, the latest Mustang color (in the tradition of Grabber Orange and Competition Orange) that's new for 2018, Ford contracted with Coolhaus Premium Ice Cream in the Los Angeles area. Ford's own color and materials design manager, Barb Whalen, was enlisted to work in a new medium, dairy products.

"I typically focus on things like color research, leather seats and hand stitching, so this was definitely a bit different for me," she said. "It was fun applying some of those same design philosophies into helping Coolhaus create an ice cream flavor that really embodies the new Orange Fury color."

Not having seen Orange Fury on an actual car yet, we can't attest to the veracity of the color match. But we can assure you it's delicious - two of Coolhaus' Vanilla Whoopie cookies covered in orange icing, sandwiching a scoop of orange ice cream. It's about as big as your head, so it's bound together by an edible wrapper.

They're handing them out in New York City over the next few days and at Coolhous' flagship L.A. storefront. All to coincide with National Ice Cream Day, which we didn't know was a thing but seems like a worthy July event and should probably be a paid holiday.

If you don't get ice cream, at least one piece of information was handed out along with it: The highly configurable 2018 Ford Mustang's configurator goes live July 25. The two other new Mustang colors, by the way, are Royal Crimson and the return of Kona Blue. And of course the car hits showrooms this fall.

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