Dodge Demon gets official insurance from Hagerty

Hagerty Insurance has been covering enthusiast and classic cars for years, and now it will be offering special policies just for 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon owners – all 3,000 of them in the US and 300 in Canada, if they want.

The big advantage to the Hagerty policies will be the Guaranteed Value coverage. Demon owners won't have to haggle about what the car's worth; Hagerty will set the value at the time the policy is issued, so there's no question about coverage should an owner total a Demon. Trust us: At least one owner will total a Demon, and that's a very conservative estimate.

Dodge seems to be happy about the arrangement. Tim Kuniskis, who heads up the North American passenger car brands division, said in a statement that, "We didn't build the Demon to be a halo car that never sees the light of day – we want to make sure that Demon owners have access to the insurance they need to get these cars out on the street, for all the Dodge/SRT enthusiasts to see and appreciate their performance."

Ordered a Demon and interested in coverage? There's a dedicated hotline for Demon owners at (844) 840-8733, or you can visit Hagerty's site and start a quote online.

You're probably wondering if any of these policies will cover you at the strip. So are we. We're asking Hagerty and will fill you in when we have information.

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