Get ready for a new Top Gear America on July 30

Just a few months after being announced, Top Gear America is ready for the airwaves. The new series launches on July 30 at 8 pm Eastern time on BBC America. And just as a reminder, this is a completely new show, unrelated to the previous Top Gear USA on History Channel.

BBC America released a new trailer of the show to preview various antics from the show's hosts; British auto journalist Tom "Wookie" Ford, Top Fuel drag racer Antron Brown, and actor William Fichtner. The trailer is short at just 30 seconds, and it quickly establishes the basics of Top Gear; there will be plenty of high-end sports cars, they will be driven quickly, and some odd-ball hijinks will happen.

We spotted the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, Acura NSX, BAC Mono, and a Cadillac CTS-V. In addition, the team will be taking a look at some other machinery, such as side-by-side off-road buggies, police cars, low riders, and something orange and beat-up. And in the hijinks department, there are drive-thrus, crashes through boxes, and some cringe-worthy singing.

Our initial impressions varied from somewhat nonplussed to mild concern. We'll save our final judgement for when the first episode airs. We just hope there isn't too much singing.

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