Be mesmerized as this guy customizes, restores Hot Wheels

We at Autoblog enjoy videos about modifying and restoring full-size cars, and now we know we enjoy seeing the same happen to tiny cars, in this case Hot Wheels. YouTube user baremetalHW has a whole channel dedicated to bringing back vintage Hot Wheels to their former glory after decades of crashes and jumps have chipped the paint and scratched the windshield. He even takes Hot Wheels new and old to new levels with custom bodywork and other upgrades.

His two most recent videos highlight each side of his work. Above is the newest episode in which he endows a miniature Ford F-1 with a real wood flatbed. He creates the bed from a bunch of popsicle sticks and gives it a beautiful aged finish. He also details the cab to match the weathered bed. It's amazing to see it take shape.

Before this, he posted a video showing the restoration of a classic Hot Wheels, the Deora. It isn't a 100 percent accurate restoration, since he changes the original color, but otherwise he brings it back to stock condition, and you might even learn a few things about how to bring your own scale cars back to showroom condition. He also provides tidbits of information about how you can tell where a car was built, and seeing how these little cars go together is oddly fascinating. You can see the whole restoration above.

If these videos aren't enough, you can check out his YouTube channel, where he has more custom builds plus how-to videos for all kinds of upgrades. They include custom parts and paint, decals, and even lights. Hope you didn't have any plans this weekend.

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