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If you're hoping to bridge the socioeconomic gap, try a pre-owned Mercedes - especially an SL, with its top down and V8 (or V12) humming.

From the beginning, Mercedes-Benz products were designed with a penchant for sporting competition. And few cars embodied Germany's postwar economic miracle better than the Mercedes-Benz SL. Whether at LeMans or Long Island, the SL Gullwing was instantly iconic, and its convertible offshoot would blaze the trail for 40 years of upscale, droptop motoring.

This for-sale example is from the fourth generation, known internally as the R129, introduced for the 1990 model year. Nine years later, the SL was available in the States with either a V8 (SL500) or V12 (SL600). The pictured SL is – we'll assume – the V8.

It's a 1999 with an entirely reasonable 79,000 miles. Looks clean. But it's almost 20 years old, which in "pre-owned German years" might as well be 200. We'd insist on a pre-purchase inspection. And, given a price some $4,000 higher than market, hope the trunk holds a bale of medical marijuana.

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