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If you've lived your life as a Miata enthusiast but wished Mazda's gem had more horsepower, or you're a BMW enthusiast hoping to buy a used Z4 and afford to maintain it, Honda's S2000 fills that need. The two-place convertible is essentially a Miata with more power or a Z4 with attainability.

While better known for its sedans, coupes and crossovers, Honda's history is built upon its first car, the S500 roadster in the early '60s. The S2000 supplies, as you'd expect, a significantly upgraded menu, with two liters of DOHC four producing some 240 horsepower at hellishly high revs. Within its slightly-larger-than-a-Miata footprint, the S2000 was the roadster with all of the factory performance you would rationally – or irrationally – need. It was offered by Honda and its dealers through 2009.

This for-sale example, in Kissimmee, Fla., looks clean. Financially, the S2000 is transitioning from car to appreciable asset. If the S2000 were German, the high miles would marginalize it ... but it's not. As an occasional, recreational roadster, it could give you years of enjoyment.

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