Can't decide what size wheel to choose? This video might help

No matter what car you buy today, it will probably have two or three sizes of wheel to choose from, all with diminishing amounts of sidewall. There are a number of things to consider when picking a wheel for your car, particularly style and cost. But there's also the factor of how they'll affect the way the car drives. Will a bigger wheel improve performance? Will a smaller one be more comfortable? In the video above, Jonathan Benson from UK-based Tyre Reviews tests a VW GTI with three factory wheel sizes from 17 to 19 inches with the same brand and type of tire to find out.

The first test tackles performance in dry conditions on a handling course. The results are fairly predictable. The largest 19-inch wheels with the shortest, stiffest sidewall was the fastest by just over a second on the race course. Benson says they improved the feel of the car, too. Wet pavement really changes things, though. On the water-soaked course, the 17-inch wheels and tires turned in the fastest time, with a similar time difference as on the dry course. Benson also preferred the feel of the 17-inch wheels on the wet track. Finally, for comfort, the 17-inch tires also came out ahead, but just barely. They fell short in the noise test.

For all the details on the differences and how the wheels and tires affected the car, check out the video above. It's an interesting test with some useful consumer info. You may also find Benson's preferred wheel and tire size a bit surprising.

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