Watch granddad rock out to Metallica behind the wheel

An old guy got caught on video headbanging to Metallica while driving recently and became an overnight Internet sensation.

On June 13, a YouTube user who goes by the handle Karbofos02 uploaded his or her very first video. It's just a short video shot vertically out of a car's passenger window while driving down a street. But the subject has, well, rocked the internet.

Rolling past Karbofos' window was a car with the windows down blasting Metallica. That's nothing special, right? Plenty of metalheads love to blast Metallica in the car. What was special was that the metalhead in question was an old man, and he looked like he was having the time of his life. As the opening bars of For Whom the Bell Tolls off Metallica's second album Ride the Lightning wafted from granddad's beigemobile, he was headbanging without a care in the world. At one point, he was so overtaken with the metal that he started pumping his fist. Unfortunately, the video stops right as the good part starts.

There is precious little information about where this happened. Personally, I was surprised to hear an oldie like For Whom the Bell Tolls on the radio, but my sources inform me that it's been in heavy rotation lately on Ozzy's Boneyard. Either that, or granddad has the eight-track. What I do know is that you're never too old to rock, and that as a metalhead myself I'd love to have a beer with him and talk about music.

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