Engineer creates world's friendliest car horn

Have you ever wanted a nicer-sounding car horn? Something a little more pleasant and nuanced than the blat of a standard horn, to send friendly reminders to people or catch their attention without looking like a huge jerkbag? Well, an engineer and YouTuber named Mark Rober had the same idea, so he installed a custom horn system in his Jetta.

In an effort to provide more methods of communication than the standard turn signals and horn (and in some cases the driver's middle finger), Rober set out to build a custom horn rig with multiple sounds. Using a cheap, easily programmable soundboard, an inline inverter, a cheap amp, a cheap PA speaker, some odds and ends, and some good old-fashioned knowhow, he put together a tri-tone system that's both cool and functional.

He mounted the PA speaker under his VW's hood and wired it to a trio of light-up horn buttons he custom installed in his center console. He then programmed the soundboard with two sounds – a friendly two-beat reminder tone and an even friendlier recording of Star Wars' R2-D2 chirping. For some added oomph, he installed a 120 psi airhorn and wired it to a third button for those times when he really needs to grab someone's attention.

Rober posted a great video of his custom horn build on YouTube, and he lays out all the parts with some easy-to-follow instructions. Who knows, maybe this will catch on and in the near future we'll see this as a standard feature on cars and trucks!

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