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Sell your own: 2011 BMW M3 four-door

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Over a beer, a friend asks you what used car you'd buy if you had $30 grand. Here's a fun answer: a BMW M3.

What is now segmented into a four-door ( M3) and coupe ( M4) has been, over the years, both a sedan and coupe in M3 guise. Rarely will you a better combination of performance and practicality than BMW's superlative M3 sedan. In 2011 – the last year for the 4-door sedan of this generation – you'll enjoy V8 torque, a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds and an electronically limited top end of 155 miles per hour.

This for-sale example, located in Louisiana, is priced just above average retail. If as clean as it looks, the 60K service has been done, and the pre-purchase inspection fully supports its almost innate visceral appeal, it should be worth both the ask and the airfare.

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