The story behind Bridgestone's new tires for the rare and beautiful Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 is a beautiful, fast, and arguably under appreciated supercar from the early 1990s. While contemporaries like the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 garner more than $1 million at auctions, the XJ220 might pull in half that. Maintaining an older car requires work, a task made more difficult when parts aren't available. Last year, Bridgestone announced it was producing new tires specifically for XJ220s. The Japanese tire supplier has released a 42-minute video documenting the process.

There were only 275 XJ220s ever built, fewer than both the F40 and 959. Until recently, no supplier made four same-spec tires that would fit the XJ220. Early Dodge Viper owners suffer from the same problem. Thanks to both Bridgestone and Pirelli, owners now have two options to choose from. Bridgestone worked with Don Law Racing, the go-to shop for all things XJ220, when developing the right tire for the car.

It isn't simply a reproduction of an older-spec tire. Bridgestone tested a number of new compounds. With so few cars available, from the beginning this was going to be a money-losing prospect for the tire maker. Enthusiasts within the organization fought hard to get everything approved. Watch the full video to hear how much time and effort went into the project.

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