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To Audi's credit, many of its cars have been described as sporty and elegant - a prime example is Audi's A5 coupe. Its soft, organic lines conceal a relatively athletic chassis. In the Daily Planet parking lot, if Superman is taking the R8 and Lois drives a TT, you could expect editor-in-chief Perry White to grab the A5. It's what senior guys making comfortable money drive.

Prior to the A5's U.S. introduction in spring 2008, it had been some 10 years since Audi had produced a purpose-built coupe in this size category. And despite sheetmetal now almost a decade old, the first-generation A5 still looks remarkably fresh, embodying a timeless vibe evident on older Italian makes such as Alfa Romeo and Lancia. Subjectively, there is not a line out of place, and the A5's footprint doesn't need (or necessarily want) the affectations of bigger wheels or a lowered stance.

This for-sale example, located in Dallas, is – with 80,000 miles – at the tipping point for a car now five years old. A clean Carfax would be reassuring, as would the availability of an extended warranty. The $15,900 asking price is on that side of average, higher than the typical dealer sales price but close to what Autoblog's value guide describes as "market average." The A5 is a beautiful car that, if given appropriate care, will stay that way for another decade.

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