Hot Wheels releases Wonder Woman's invisible jet, sort of

The movie Wonder Woman is out in theaters today, and unsurprisingly, there's a lot of buzz about the superhero. Along with that comes Wonder Woman-related merchandise, and one of the most interesting examples has got to be this Hot Wheels model of her famous invisible jet. What makes it interesting, and frankly quite funny, is that it's so invisible it isn't there.

You see, the details of the product information page say that all you get is "a 1:64 Collector Edition INVISIBLE JET (packaging)." This seems to mean that the package just implies there's a jet in there. Then again, even a clear plastic plane would still be visible, so this is the only way to accurately represent it.

It is a bit expensive for what amounts to an empty package, though. To obtain your own invisible jet, you'll have to purchase $20 worth of Hot Wheels cars at Walmart. That's before taxes, too. Then mail your proofs of purchase to Mattel, along with a check or money order for $3.50 to cover shipping and handling. Then in a few weeks, you'll have your own, perfectly invisible "jet." For seriously die-hard fans of Wonder Woman with a good sense of humor, this is a pretty neat piece of memorabilia. For everyone else, though, it's better as just a quick laugh and not worth actually dropping the cash for one.

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