Subaru just released another teaser photo today of a World Rally Blue STI model, and they also provided us with some information about what the car is. Apparently it is a new WRX STI Type RA, a name that Subaru fans will recognize as an indication of an ultra-hardcore version of the all-wheel-drive legend. As you can see from the teaser photo, this Type RA will have a carbon fiber roof without a sunroof. This WRX STI has more than that, though.

According to Subaru, the rear wing will also be carbon fiber, and the car will have gold-colored forged BBS wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter. Inside, occupants will find Recaro seats. Mechanically, the suspension has been updated and now features Bilstein shock absorbers. The engine and transmission also see updates, but Subaru wouldn't give specifics at this time. Expect all the details to be revealed on June 8, the date Subaru has been teasing on Twitter.

Now with this new teaser image and confirmation of a Type RA, one might think that the previous teaser of a winged blue Subaru was of this special WRX STI. However, we're not so sure. We've been studying the trunk lid of the car in the Twitter teaser alongside those of production BRZs and WRXs. If you look closely, there's a long arching crease in the trunk lid of the teaser car and a production BRZ, but it doesn't appear on the WRX. The WRX has a very flat trunk lid. As such, we believe the teaser image is still of a BRZ STI, and we suspect Subaru may reveal both it and the WRX STI Type RA on June 8.

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