Sell your own: 2009 BMW Z4 sDrive35i

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At the end of May, with summer approaching, how can you not consider a droptop? And while a new Miata remains attractive (and attainable), the number of pre-owned roadsters with low miles and in clean condition is always alluring. Boxsters are – figuratively – a dime a dozen, and the occasional 370Z or Benz SLK might race across your radar. But if looking for the overlooked, you'd be hard pressed to improve upon BMW's Z4.

Initially introduced in 2003 (internally known as the E85), the Z4 provided a significantly improved platform relative to the Z3 predecessor, but was clothed in sheetmetal you could politely describe as polarizing. In its second generation (E89), introduced for the 2009 model year, the Z4's physicality was softened, while roadster and coupe variants were consolidated into one folding hardtop.

With but 20,000 miles, this for-sale example looks to be as near new as something eight years old could be. The seller's ask is about $5,000 too dear, but as so often happens in the recreational/collectible market, what – exactly – do you compare it to? With a clean Carfax and solid pre-purchase inspection, we'd continue the discussion and hope (you can always hope) the seller would offer to split that $5,000 difference, making for a $25,000 transaction.

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