A busy intersection and a runaway dump truck are usually the ingredients for a vehicular disaster with a long casualty list. In an incident in Washington state however, these ingredients, plus a dash of '90s-era Honda, give us a spectacular but largely harmless crash.

According to KOMO, a dump truck driver was northbound in Bellevue, Wash., just after noon on May 24. As he came downhill, he lost his brakes, blew the red light, and careened through the intersection. He almost made it through unscathed, until a fourth-gen Honda Accord appeared.

The dump truck plowed into the Accord, catching it just forward of the driver's door. It spun around and was dragged over the parkway's shoulder. The Accord came to rest on the grassy slope with a shattered windshield and a mangled front end. The dump truck went into a thick stand of roadside trees.

Seth Tyler of the Bellevue police told KOMO that the two drivers got off lucky. The trucker was unhurt, but the Accord driver suffered minor injuries and went to a hospital to be checked out.

Two other dump trucks were able to drag their forlorn colleague out of the trees.

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