If you've planned a scenic coastal drive along California's beautiful Highway 1 in the near future, you'll have to find a detour past the Mud Creek portion that's been covered 40 feet deep by a massive landslide over the weekend. Sure, slides and road closures are a normal part of life, especially during winter, along the Pacific coast. As you'll see from this aerial video taken by the Monterey County Sheriff's Office, this one is of a particularly impressive scale.

According to the LA Times, the hillside gave way on Saturday night, burying a third of a mile of Highway 1. The slide was large enough, and extended far enough into the ocean, that it actually changed the coastline, which is visible in the video. Officials will figure out a plan to strengthen the remaining hillside and rebuild the road once the danger of further slides has passed.

This rainy winter was particularly taxing for the area, with other landslides causing problems for tourists seeking the natural scenery. Some resorts closed, while others began using helicopters to bring in guests and supplies. Despite being over, the previous winter weather is still having an effect, as this latest slide shows.

Thankfully, this section of the road had already been closed from an earlier slide, and work crews had left the area due to the unstable soil. "Now it's covering 10 times as much," says California Department of Transportation spokesperson Colin Jones.

It may be some time before you can drive this scenic part of Highway 1 again, but somehow, even buried under yards of dirt and rock, it's still beautiful.

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