We've all been there. You and your better half climb in the car after an evening out, and as you're cruising down the freeway ... BAM! A cop pulls you over to tell you that a drunk guy is passed out on your trunk lid. Wait, what? That's never happened to you? Well, it happened recently to a couple in Memphis, Tenn.

According to WHBQ, Carl and Hazel Webb left the Barbecue Fest in downtown Memphis on the evening of May 18. They had backed their late-model Ford Taurus into a parking spot, and when they returned the lot was pretty dark and the cars were packed in. The couple approached the car from the front, hopped in, and headed for home.

"We came down the aisle, walked right to the car, opened it up on both sides then we got in the car," Webb told WHBQ. Unbeknownst to the Webbs, though, they had a stowaway aboard. Or rather, outboard.

About 15 minutes later, as the Webbs were cruising down the interstate toward home, a Memphis police officer pulled them over.

"The officer came up and he said, 'Mister, are you aware there's a body on your trunk?,' and that did not register," said Webb. "He goes, 'Mister, I'm not messing with you. There's a body on your trunk.' So I got out. We walked around and sure enough, there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there."

There, on the Taurus' narrow decklid, was an extremely drunk guy in a Hawaiian shirt. He had apparently crawled up onto the Webbs' car, curled up on his side, and passed out in the parking lot. He somehow managed to cling to the car for 14 miles at highway speeds.

Webb credits the slight lip on the trunk lid for holding the blotto man in place. Webb might want to give himself some credit for an exceptionally smooth driving style.

It took forever for the officer to wake up the stowaway, and when he eventually did the guy was still so drunk and confused that he briefly wandered off into oncoming traffic. The cop snatched him back to the shoulder before anything could happen.

The drunk guy was bundled into the MPD cruiser and taken away, but there's no word on his identity or whether charges were filed.

Webb told WHBQ that he wasn't angry at the drunk guy, but he did hope that the incident taught him a lesson.

"I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself and the hazard that he had open up to himself. It would've been death."

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