Grand Prix motorcycle racing is one of the most entertaining forms of motorsport. While races may be shorter than what four-wheeled fans are used to, they're almost always packed to the brim with excitement. At this weekend's MotoGP race at France's Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix Race Circuit, an oil slick on the track caused a sizable portion of the Moto3 field to careen off the track in a frankly comical fashion. The race was halted while the mess was cleaned up.

The oil slick was left by Adam Norrodin's motorcycle, the result of a clash during the first lap of the race. The bike left a nice slick right at the braking zone for turn 6, causing the big crash. Despite riders being thrown from their motorcycles, all were declared fit to ride once the race was restarted. The total race was shortened to just 16 laps after the full restart, with everyone but Norrordin rejoining the field. With such a big mess, we're just glad no one got seriously hurt.

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