Update: A Ford representative told us that most of the jobs will be filled by existing employees. The text has been changed to reflect this.

Ford announced today the latest in a line of multimillion-dollar investments in American factories. It will pump $350 million into its Livonia, Mich., transmission plant in order to add another transmission line. According to Ford, this new investment will either add or preserve a total of 800 hourly jobs. The move is also a notable contrast to the company's plans of reducing salaried staff this year.

That wording means the number of new jobs will likely be less than 800. In fact, a Ford representative told us that most of the new positions will be filled by current employees. Hiring for the new positions begins a the end of this year, and will continue through the next two years.

As for the new transmission Ford will be building at the Livonia plant, the company provided few details. It said it will be for a front-wheel-drive applications, and that it will be efficient and use techniques and designs developed for the 10-speed transmission in the F-150 and Expedition. This transmission line will join lines that build gearboxes for the Mustang, F-150, Transit, and Expedition.

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