Crowd lifts Cadillac to free pedestrian after two vehicles barrel toward him

An elderly Missourian is lucky to be alive today after a car that had pinned him to the ground was lifted off him by witnesses.

According to WDAF, Orlando Gentry and Troy Robertson were working at a Kansas City, Mo., clothing store when a stolen minivan careened through a red light at 35th and Prospect and was immediately T-boned by a woman driving a gold Cadillac. The impact drove both vehicles up onto the sidewalk at the corner, side by side, directly at pedestrian Carlos Green.

"We was out here with our kids, and we was at work, and the next thing we heard was a boom!" Gentry told WDAF. "Man, those cars came out of nowhere, and Carlos was just helpless," Robertson said.

Gentry tried to escape but was caught between the vehicles and pinned beneath the Caddy. Then a light pole punctuated the crash by falling on top of the Caddy - and almost on top of Carlos Green.

"Yeah, he tried to jump out of the way, but he just got pinned underneath the Cadillac. He definitely hurt his right leg. When I saw all that, I screamed, 'Somebody help me help get this car off Carlos,'" Robertson said.

He, Gentry and passersby lifted the heavy Caddy off Green so he could crawl free.

Thankfully, Green wasn't seriously injured. He was discharged from an area hospital bruised, with one leg in a cast, but ultimately healthy. The woman driving the Cadillac was unhurt, but the two men driving the minivan ran off during the confusion. Kansas City police are looking for the escaped car thieves.

This is the second time in as many weeks that people banded together to lift a car off someone. On May 9 in Philadelphia, a group of good Samaritans lifted an SUV off a little girl who had been run down and pinned beneath an SUV tire.

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