In an effort to make up lost market share, Lincoln is trying desperately to differentiate itself from other luxury automakers. The automaker is offering and expanding a number of services aimed at setting itself apart not only from Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Audi, but also the Fords that so often share showroom space. One such offering, the Lincoln Chauffeur, is expanding beyond its initial rollout in Miami, Florida, across the country to San Diego, California.

The concept is simple. For $30/hour, a chauffeur will drive you around in your own vehicle, stopping at the store, the gas station, or even at school to pick up the kids. The chauffeur can do these things with or without you present, meaning the driver can drop you off at the airport and return the car home, allowing others to use the car rather than leaving it parked at the airport. The service is available to old and new Lincoln owners, though the former get eight free hours to try the service.

San Diego was part of a planned expansion. If things continue to go well, look for further rollouts in cities across the country.

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