Oklahoma City police are on the lookout for two guys who may be OKC's clumsiest crooks after they tried to steal a pickup off a dealer lot and it almost rolled off without them.

In a video recently released by CrimeStoppers and aired on KOKH, two men creep into the Reynolds Ford lot back in March and make for a line of parked pickups. They choose a white, crew-cab F-150 and get to work opening the doors. Somehow, they manage to throw the truck into neutral, and that's when the fun begins.

With the truck rolling, these two geniuses did what I assume any of us would have done in that situation. One guy grabbed the driver door handle and yanked at it for all he was worth while dragging his feet cartoon-style along the tarmac. Meanwhile, his partner unloaded a pellet gun into the truck's windshield and driver's window out of, what ... frustration? Eventually the truck came to a halt all on its own, and our master criminals were finally able to get it running and off the lot.

OKCPD stated on their Facebook page that the truck was eventually recovered, but the suspects are at large. They also released the hilarious surveillance footage of the caper in the hopes that someone will come forward to identify the crooks. Let's hope the police catch these guys soon before they get hurt, because they are clearly a danger to themselves.

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