Party boy videos his night of drinking, driving - and downfall

So, I've thrown around the word "Schadenfreude" a lot around here. Roughly translated as "joy at another's misfortune," it's one of those lovely German-language compound words that perfectly sums up some part of the human condition. Another of my favorites is " B ackpfeifengesicht." This one translates as "a face in need of a fist." In this story out of Morocco about a rich young man drinking, driving, and crashing a Ferrari, both of those words come immediately to mind.

According to NDTV, a 20-year-old spent a wild night on the town in Rabat back in April. The unnamed man spent his evening partying, drinking champagne, dancing at clubs, and racing his slate-colored Ferrari California around the city. Someone who was with him recorded the evening for posterity, and caught him drinking out of a bottle of champagne, completely annihilated, while driving and generally acting the fool. As you can imagine, the evening didn't end well for him.

In the morning, he was still apparently drunk and driving around. He smashed into a small, silver sedan, which caved in that car's door and mangled the California's frontend. Unfazed, our man shot a little video of himself dancing around the crash scene, giving the cops lip, and smoking in the back of an ambulance. I guess he thought his wealth and status would get him out of trouble.

Joke's on him, though. Morocco's official MAP news agency stated that the Ferrari driver was found guilty of driving while intoxicated and driving without insurance. For this, he got two years in jail and was slapped with a 2,000 euro fine. And that, friends, is Schadenfreude and B ackpfeifengesicht in action.

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