Trucker hears noise, finds airplane's landing gear in his roof

A semi trailer was clipped by a low-flying plane on an Ohio highway.

A trucker was driving down the highway near Sandusky, Ohio, when he heard a loud thud. He pulled over to check if he had blown a tire or two, but instead found a wheel sticking out of the roof of his trailer. That stray tire was actually the landing gear of small plane that flew too low and clipped the rig on approach to land at the Fremont Airport, according to CBS Detroit.

"I was just driving down Ohio 53, and I heard a boom," says driver Russ Street. "It rocked the trailer. I thought the semi was going over."

The 71-year-old pilot, who was out for a short practice flight, was able to land the plane on its belly at the airport. Luckily, nobody was injured.

Police say they don't know why the plane was flying so low, and the investigation has been turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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