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Sell-it-yourself: 1998 Buick Century Limited

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Well before Buick was tight with the Chinese, it was working to reconnect with middle class America. Of course, there's the middle class, and then there's the aspirational middle class. For them, near the end of the 20th Century, Buick offered the Buick Century and its better-zip-code derivative, the Century Limited.

Having attended the Buick press launch about this time, the Century was – and is – what we'd call tidy in proportion and clean in its detailing. Its interior design and execution might have leaned toward old school, but the exterior surfaces were responsibly devoid of affectation. In short, almost twenty years ago we would have judged this to be sheetmetal that, if not defying age, would have certainly resisted aging. And we'll stand by that today.

Our for sale example, nineteen years old and showing just over 111,000 miles, looks to deliver ample bang for the buck, especially when talking only 2,500 of those bucks. From the photos, this Buick seems to have come from a good home, even if the passenger rear door reflects what we used to call a whiskey ding, and is now - probably - a mojito ding. While kicking tires in West Palm Beach, note the custom wheels; they, too, are limited. Shop for the listing here.

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