Man climbing out of car shoots himself in the penis

A man in Toledo, Ohio, learned a lesson in handgun safety over the weekend when his weapon discharged while he was climbing out of his car, shooting him in the penis.

WTOL-TV reports that police responded to a call after someone heard Murad Hamedallah screaming that he had been shot. They found him on the ground outside the car near a trash can, and they found a bullet hole in the driver's seat of his car. Paramedics found matching holes in his penis and thigh.

He was taken to a hospital with serious injuries but is expected to be OK. To quote the Concealed Nation website, which picked up the story, "How OK he's expected to be isn't clear, but hopefully he's really OK."

This is not unheard of - these incidents make the news, with more than 700 unintentional shootings so far this year. In reporting the Toledo case, Concealed Nation related the story of Matt, who had carried a concealed firearm for a decade before managing to shoot himself in the butt. (Be forewarned that if you follow the link, there are graphic images of Matt's injury.)

Matt was going about his business when he heard a loud bang. "'There's no way that just happened,'" he told himself. "'That did not just happen.' And then I grabbed my butt and felt a hole in my pants and said, 'OK that just happened.'"

Concealed Nation stresses the importance of a molded rigid holster that properly fits the firearm. It's unknown whether the man who made a hole in himself in Toledo even had a holster or whether, given the location of his injury, he had the weapon stuck in his waistband like some TV character.

In a nation where 10 million people are estimated to carry a firearm, safety training would also be a sensible idea. The Trace, a website devoted to a greater understanding about the issues regarding guns in America, points out that 26 states issue concealed-carry permits without requiring training to ensure you have the slightest idea how to use one responsibly. And many states don't require a permit at all.

"I always use the driving analogy: You get your teenager behind the wheel, it's a complete mess," Kelly Venden, owner of Criterion Tactical, a firearms training center in San Antonio, told The Trace. "It's the same thing with a weapon. You get a person who's unfamiliar and put a live weapon in their hand and expect them to be both competent and safe, you're asking a lot of that person."

So, whether training is required, or not, it's a great idea. Ask the fellow in Toledo. Do you want to shoot yourself in the penis? Of course you don't.

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