Brand-new Ford Fusions used to smuggle marijuana from Mexico

One car was purchased by an 86-year-old man.

The war on drugs is never ending, with smugglers finding new and creative ways to bring their goods across the border. New 2017 Ford Fusions shipped from Mexico had their spare tires swapped for packages of marijuana, not only making their way to dealer lots but onto the driveway of an 86-year-old Minnesota man. According to Alpha News, more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana were recovered from 22 vehicles, most of which traveled north on the same train car.

The drugs were found between February and March of this year. A contractor for Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad tipped off authorities after discovering drugs in two cars. The contractor was inspecting the Fusions before loading them onto a transport headed to dealerships. Thirteen other cars, all from the same railcar, had already made their way to dealer lots. Each car had 40 to 60 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. In March, another Minnesota dealer found another seven Fusions packed with drugs.

Ford builds Fusions at its Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly plant in Mexico. Before being loaded on trains, the cars apparently had their tires removed and replaced with packages of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, coffee grounds, and marijuana. Presumably, a contact in the US would remove the drugs long before heading to dealerships. The whole thing is thought to be orchestrated by the cartel formerly headed by El Chapo.

All in all, more than $1.4 million worth of marijuana was recovered by police. If you recently purchased a new Ford Fusion, we suggest you check your trunk.

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