Need For Speed developer Ghost Games has revealed the first few details of the next installment in the long-running game series, along with a teaser image. The teaser reveals one of the first changes to look for in the new game, and that's the return of daytime driving and racing. The 2015 Need For Speed took place entirely at night. It also shows the date for when the game will be officially revealed at the EA PLAY event, June 2.

There are two other major additions to the new Need For Speed, the first of which is the fact that it won't entirely be on pavement. The release Ghost Games put out specifically highlights dirt roads for racing. It wouldn't be a stretch to expect some more off-road-oriented vehicles such as trucks to appear. The second is that Ghost Games has removed the requirement for a constant internet connection when playing any part of the game. This means you'll be able to play single player without logging on, and you won't be booted off if the servers go down or your internet shuts off.

Finally, If you were a fan of the last Need For Speed, it's worth noting that Ghost Games is holding onto some of the best aspects of it. Customization will still be a key component of the game, and it should be quite healthy if it builds on the robust system of its predecessor. The series' staple of police pursuits will also make a return. More details will be revealed on June 2, and the game will be released by the end of the year.

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