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Widebody Challenger Hellcat spotted with no camouflage

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Well this is a mightily mysterious muscle car. One of our photographers caught this Dodge Challenger out testing without any camouflage. At first glance it looks like an SRT Demon, since it has the same widebody flares and front spoiler of the hellacious Challenger. However, the hood is from a garden-variety Hellcat (as if such a thing existed...), the rear spoiler has an SRT Hellcat badge, and the wheels don't come from the kitty or the Hellspawn.

We have two theories as to what this SRT mishmash may be. Our first is that this is perhaps a next-generation Hellcat that takes advantage of some of the Demon's developments. It could have a more potent engine under the hood, perhaps with the extra fuel pumps and air-conditioned intercooler, along with the Demon's beefier driveline. It would be a way to keep the Hellcat relevant, and a way for people who might miss out on the one-year-only Demon to get the next closest thing.

Our other theory is that this is an all-wheel-drive Hellcat. The wide fender flares and chin spoiler appeared on an all-wheel-drive Challenger concept before they made their way to the Demon. And with the introduction of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, we know that Mopar has an all-wheel-drive system that can handle the grunt of the 707-horsepower Hellcat mill. If an all-wheel-drive Hellcat is in the cards, it would be another way to keep the Hellcat line fresh without too much investment, and would be a treat for fans of the old all-wheel-drive concept. It would also probably be a great seller here in snowy Michigan. Oh, and it would certainly post some amazing 0-30 acceleration times.

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