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Sinkhole swallows truck in San Francisco

A construction truck fell into a sinkhole that opened Friday morning in a San Francisco street.

Authorities estimated the sinkhole to be 5 feet by 14 feet. Truck driver Alejandro Curiel was in the cab when the sinkhole caved in. He was not injured.

Sinkholes in San Francisco are not uncommon, including this hole that ate an Uber last May. On city streets, they are usually the result of a broken water line or sewer pipe and happen with some frequency across the country.

On a larger scale, water is also the culprit in areas where the bedrock is limestone, such as the sinkholes that riddle Florida and especially the sinkhole that swallowed cars in 2014 at the National Corvette Museum - a car catastrophe so fascinating to the public that the museum has built it into the exhibition experience.

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